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    Welcome to Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek
  • praktijkruimte
    Welcome to Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek
  • praktijkruimte
    Welcome to Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek
  • praktijkruimte
    Welcome to Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek
  • praktijkruimte
    Welcome to Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek
  • praktijkruimte
    Welkom bij Kinetiek
    Group practice
    VUB campus Etterbeek

What do we do?

Spine rehabilitation

Spinal problems can cause pain and loss of mobility. Back pain has many popular names such as: backache, lumbago, hernia, sciatica... Kinetiek specialises in precisely diagnosing the cause of back or neck pain and in providing customized remedial therapy.

Sports physiotherapy

To engage in sports is healthy, but it can also lead to muscle strain or injuries. Kinetiek specialises in the rehabilitation of such injuries. Through manual mobilizations, remedial therapy and strength exercises we try to get you quickly back on your feet while avoiding relapse.

Manual therapy

With manual therapy, we try to eliminate or reduce functional problems in the joints of the human body.


With osteopathy, we focus on the improvement of the decreased mobility of tissues and structures within the body.

Sports coaching

Kinetiek assists (top)athletes with sports rehabilitation, customized training programs, preventive screenings, taping,... Kinetiek already worked with several top athletes and Tom Dieussaert is a lecturer at the Topsportschool in Leuven. Kinetiek works in close cooperation with sports doctors (for instance from: BLITS located on the same floor).

Personal training

Sporty tailored guidance for both the recreational and competitive athlete. Ideal for sports enthusiasts with a particular target (e.g., 20 km of Brussels), triathletes, people with a busy schedule or with a medical background (low back pain, diabetes,...). The sessions last minimum 1h. Feel free to contact Harold for a first meeting, free of obligation.

Ergonomic advise

A correct posture is the foundation of a healthy body. Many neck and back problems stem from poor (sitting) posture. Kinetiek provides personalized advice on proper posture (depending on your problem). See for instance this animation about the benefits of good posture.

Injury prevention

It is of course best to avoid injuries! Are you for instance worried about your back/posture at work? Wondering whether you engage correctly in the gym? Do you have a tough job and would you like preventive practice? That's possible! Kinetiek can give you personalized advice.

Some of the applied treatment methods

Manual therapy, osteopathy, Kinetic Control, chaînes musculaires Busquet, Mezieres, Mackenzie,...

Our teams

Team Kinetiek

Team extremities     02 629 2741

Team extremities specialises in the treatment of shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, elbows and wrists.
The team consists of four physiotherapists.

  thumb Tom Dieussaert

  thumb Karlien Veugelers

  thumb Sanne Delporte

  thumb Harold Marreyt

Team spine     02 629 2333

Team spine specialises in the treatment of problems coming from the back or neck.
The team consists of three physiotherapists.

  thumb Igor Vyncke

  thumb Ellen van der Beek

  thumb Thomas Malherbe

Our vision

The group practice Kinetiek was founded in 2005 by Tom, Igor, Ellen en Karlien, hence the name KineTIEK. Before, we were already working on campus and engaged in physiotherapy. Meanwhile our team has grown to seven physiotherapists. We are all Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and we followed several postgraduate programs and/or specializations and continue to evolve via supplementary training.

Physiotherapy has evolved tremendously in recent years. In order to offer state-of-the-art quality treatment, specializing is a necessity. The physiotherapists of Kinetiek have therefore organized themselves into two teams. One team specialises in spine rehabilitation, back, neck and pelvic problems. The other team specialises in extremities, that is all the injuries of the musculoskeletal system other than the spine. This can range from Achilles tendinitis, schoulder dislocations to rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and sports rehabilitation after injury etc. If necessary, we work with therapists from both teams.

A part of the musculoskeletal (e.g. a muscle or ligament) can get injured after for instance an accident, illness or overload during training. Over the years, Kinetiek has developed a unique approach to pursue sustainable recovery based on three pillars: a thorough Examination, a personalized Manual treatment and a custom-made Remedial therapy.


Through expert advice and customized remedial therapy we are happy to keep you healthy and in motion.

Team kinetiek


An efficient and purposeful treatment hinges on a sound and in-depth examination. On a first visit (the intake), we spend ample time to examine you. By means of an interview (anamnesis), different types of tests and the assessment of posible additional material (such as medical images), we try to accurately determine the underlying cause of the complaint(s). If necessary, we also do a gait and motion analysis. We are happy to share our findings and insights with you, because you have every interest in knowing exactly what is causing your problem. By clearly explaining to you what the problem is, you will better understand why certain activities must be adjusted or even avoided for a while. Think of a good posture, avoiding certain movements and sports ... With that knowledge, you yourself can contribute to a quick recovery.

Manual treatment

Kinetiek pays great value to manual treatment. During each session, we reassess the injury and select the most appropiate treatment method.

Remedial therapy

Kinetiek specialises in rehabilitation through remedial therapy. For almost all problems, exercises are necessary to get your body back into balance or to simply make your body stronger. Remedial therapy is also often necessary to avoid relapse. The treatment of a complaint/pain is often not enough to keep a complaint away permanently. That's why we will search for the cause of your complaint during the intake. This will allow us to explain to you how to avoid possible relaps. The exercises will also be tailored to you and adjusted if necessary. The remedial therapy is always performed under close suppervision of your therapist. In most cases, you will get a training schedule to take home.

Our facilities

Our contact details

The practice of Kinetiek is located on campus Etterbeek of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Contact details

Opening hours

  • Monday until Friday, from 8 AM until 8 PM


  • There is a covered bicycle parking at the entrance of building U-residence.
  • The practice is accessible by train (station Etterbeek, 6 min walk).
  • The practice is accessible by tram 7 and 25 (stop VUB, 1 min walk), bus 95 (stop Etterbeek, 7 min walk) and bus 341, 343, 348 and 349 (stop Etterbeek station, 4 min walk).
  • The practice is accessible by subway line 5 (Metro station Pétillon, 11 min walk).
  • The practice is also accessible by car. Because of construction works, it is currently difficult to park on campus; we recommend to park in the Second Lancers Regiment Avenue, right on U-residence.navigation
More information about the accessibility of the campus can be found here.

Building U-residence

The building U-residence is located at the edge of campus Etterbeek of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, close to campus entrance number 9 at General Jacqueslaan (see: building U). The practice of Kinetiek is located on the first floor of the building U-residence. It can be accessed via the left glass door on the ground floor. To request access, you must type in number 110 and press the bell-key on the doorbell. Afterwards you can go to the first floor by stairs or elevator.

Gebouw U-residenceaan General Jacqueslaan
ligging Kinetiek


Frequently asked questions

You need a valid prescription (i.e. within two months of the prescription date) of a doctor for physiotherapy treatment. Such a prescription is necessary to enjoy a refund of your health insurance / insurance.
Kinetiek did NOT sign the convention with RIZIV and the Belgian mutuality. This means that we charge higher fees than those imposed by RIZIV.
We believe that the 20-minute treatment, which is granted per patient in the convention, is not sufficient to achieve a quick, efficient and long-term result.
Our practice uses a different approach than most physiotherapists. A session at Kinetiek (including exercise therapy under supervision) therefore takes more time.
A treatment costs 49 euro (17.82 euro is refunded by the mutuality or 18.38 euro in case of a pathology of the Fa-list). During the intake (first visit) we do a survey that costs 80 euro (17.82 euro is refunded by the mutuality).
A refund from the health insurance is only possible if you have a valid prescription for physiotherapy.
Staff of the university, insured through the group insurance "Health Care" can get reimbursed for the personal contribution (patient fee). Costs can by submitted at Vanbreda online.
A physiotherapy session lasts about 1 hour. A sports rehabilitation session can take longer.
Payment is done through Bancontact / Mister Cash. Payment with cash is not possible.
This is difficult to say in advance. This depends on the severity of the injury or complaint.
On your first appointment, you take:
  • a valid prescription for physiotherapy treatment, i.e. within two months from the prescription date
  • your electronic identity card (eID)
  • any other documents like: NMR, RX, CT scan images and/or protocols)
  • loose clothing (eg. sports clothing)
  • a large towel + a mouth mask (for hygienic reasons)
  • running shoes (only if complaint while running)
On your next appointments, you take:
  • loose clothing (eg. sports clothing)
  • a large towel + a mouth mask (for hygienic reasons)
  • running shoes (only if complaint while running)
Kinetiek has one dressing room for women and one for men. Each dressing room has a shower, a toilet and lockers.
You can store your belongings in lockers in the dressing room.
Yes, you can cancel your appointment by telephone at the latest 24 hours in advance.
An missed appointment will be charged if you did not cancel it. You can cancel your appointment by telephone at the latest 24 hours in advance.
No, we do not treat at home. We prefer to treat you in our practice because there are more options to provide proper treatment.